Getting Started: Lifetime Freedom

Getting Started on Your Lifetime Freedom!

So now that we are acquainted, I am sure you are wondering what this is all about. How is “getting started on your lifetime  freedom” going to help you? What do I mean by “Lifetime Freedom?”  Like I said before, this is not a “get-rich-solution.” To make this work, you are going to have to dedicate time every day to building your online business. You are going to have to work hard! But nothing could be harder than putting your life on the line. A lot of you might even find that laughable! Not putting your life on the line, but the “working hard” part.


Many people think there is a magic bullet to getting rich. And I am not saying you will get rich. It is a possibility though. What I am saying is that you could be bringing in some extra income that could help alleviate some of the stress in your everyday life. Again, this will not happen overnight. It will probably take anywhere from 2 months to 6 months to start seeing a fair amount of income. How much you make will depend on how many hours you put in and how fast you move through the program. Afterall, are you striving to build a business so you can have a lifetime of freedom? It will take time!

Do Not Get Scammed!

Believe me, I have tried every scam online over the last 8+ years. Not only have I tried every scam and lost thousands of dollars, I also lost hundreds of hours in time sloshing through all of the crap! I also tried doing surveys, I tried looking for remote jobs that I could work from home, I tried signing up for childcare through online services, I tried all of the sites that advertised for me giving my opinion, I tried signing up for free groceries and samples. STAY AWAY FROM THESE SITES! After you sign up, then they have all these rules where you have to purchase 3 gold plans and 2 silver plans and even more plans and it all has to be done in 60 days! You have to spend a ton of money to try and get a $100 gift card. TOTAL CRAP! I have tried every work at home option that is advertised on the internet. I even fell for a scheme a few years ago, and paid a ton of money to have some person in Thailand set up 30 sites for me. They worked for about 3 months and I was just starting to receive a few cents on each site, and then they were hacked. Now I know it was probably the same company trying to extort more money from me. The problem was, I had no more money! So that was the end of that! I had spent a fortune and also about 4 months purchasing all of the domains, the hosting and then paying these people to set up the sites. Then I spent more time trying to do content on 30 sites! It was an absolute NIGHTMARE! And then I got hacked! That burned for a long time. Several years, matter-of-fact.

Hard Times Knocking on the Door

But every time we hit upon hard times, I would hit the internet, hoping that since the last time I had been there, that things had changed. NOPE! Nothing has ever changed, UNTIL NOW! We were in another desperate situation after being out of work for so long and finally beating cancer. Cancer is very expensive, and we have depleted all of our resources. I was still holding out hope that there was something out there in internetland that would allow me to get started on my lifetime of freedom. This time in my search, I FINALLY FOUND WHAT I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR all these years! Yes, I know, you are probably rolling your eyes about now. That is exactly what my husband would do. But before you totally dismiss me, please give me a chance to share my experience with you. I just want to be able to pay the bills and have a little extra so we don’t have to stress every month. And, of course, I would not mind being able to have total freedom and go when and where I want to and not have to worry about money. Wouldn’t that be nice? I think so!

Honestly, I do not know how I have missed this website over the last couple of years. I said I had signed up for every scam. Well, I guess I did, but since this is not a scam, my radar must have missed it! But THANK GOD I finally stumbled upon it. I was quite skeptical at first, since I have been burned so many times. This site is totally different. It looked so professional, and I decided to poke around a bit and just see if it was another scam. I am getting better at recognizing a scam! Good grief, it has only taken me 8+ years! O.K., so I am a slow learner!


Anyway, the first thing that caught my attention is the fact that they offer a 7 day free trial with no credit card, debit card, PayPal or anything else. You just log in, and sign up for a free trial. I don’t know if you are familiar with Squarespace, but they also offer a 14 day free trial and are totally legitimate. Wealthy Affiliate also gives you the first course of 10 lessons to you for FREE to see if you are at all interested in building a business online. This may not be for everyone, so they want to make sure you are interested. The training in that first set of lessons is AWESOME! I knew some of it, but I figured out why so many of the scams did not work. It was because they do not give you all the pieces to the puzzle. They keep making you pay for the same things over and over again.! Not here! Here you get all the pieces to the puzzle, in the order in which you need them to make you a success!

Thinking About Becoming a Member

Once you finish the free trial, if you sign up in the first 7 days, you will get a discount of 59% off of the first months dues. This is only $19.00! Even as broke as I was, I could scrape together $19.00. After that month, the fees do go up to $49 a month. That may seem like a lot, but let me explain what you get for that amount. You get all the training that has been going on for years here. This company has been in business for 11 years. Kyle and Carson, the owners, constantly update the training and anything else that changes. There are videos, lessons, there is a huge community that you get access to even during your free trial! There are over 500,000 members in this unique club. And you have access to all of these members and their expertise. Many of these members have been here for years and have built very successful online businesses. Everyone here is here to help every single newbie that joins. We all want each other to be successful. We do not really compete against each other even though some of us may have similar domains or topics that we are interested in. Also, once you become a member, you have the ability to build 25 on-going websites. You even get free hosting!! If you know what hosting is or have ever checked to see what it costs, it can run from $20/month to $200/month. Again, you will get screwed! But not here! The hosting is included in the package!

Hurry Up and JOIN!

When you sign up for the free 7-day trial, you also get access to 2 free websites. The training will guide you every step of the way to get them started. You only get the first set of 10 lessons in the free training. But it is enough to help you decide if you want to continue or not. If you continue, you get everything you need for $49 a month. Oh, I do want you to know that there is one more expense. Again, you do not have to spend the money if you wish not to. You can keep your free websites, build them out, get them up and running using the Wealthy Affiliates platform which is siterubix. But if you really want to join in the fun and are really serious about building a home business, you will want to purchase domain names for your sites. These will be dot com, or dot net, or dot org and so on. The domains will cost you, but again, they are very reasonable. Wealthy Affiliate charges a flat rate of $15.99 for each domain. If you go to other domain services, their prices are all over the map! They charge a different rate for dot com, or a different rate for dot net, a different rate for dot org. You get the idea.

Are You READY to JOIN?

So, what do you think? Are you ready to start learning how to become successful at building a website and letting it provide extra income for you and your family? If you are, now is the time. I will be here to help you every step of the way. And there are thousands of other members that will help you, too. We are just one big happy family! Come join us and see what you have been missing. I promise you will not be bored! If you have any questions or need help in any way, please leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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