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Earn Extra Money by Building a Website for You or a Client

I want to make it very easy for you to be able to check out a website building  program called Wealthy Affiliate. I think once you have read the other pages explaining what it is and how it works, you may want to sign-up for the Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp. Or maybe you just want to check it out! Either way, in order to decide if it’s for your or get more info please  click this  link.   By doing so it will take you to the sign up page. If you decide that it looks good, please take a look at the  Wealthy Affiliate seven day free trial!  That’s right, the first seven days of use are  absolutely FREE! You do not have to provide a credit or debit card, or any personal information except an email address. And of course, you will need to setup a  password. That is all it takes! During this seven day trial period , you will have access to the the first block of training courses, which includes ten different lessons.  You will also be able to avail yourself of  two FREE websites. You also will have access to all of the elite members in the Wealthy Affiliate organization and can ask for help from them at any time.

At the end of the trial period, if you decide this program is for you, then you will need to decide if you want to continue.  Hopefully you will see some value, as many others have. The first month after the seven days trial is priced at only $19.00! That is a 59% discount off  the regular price. If you decide to continue after that, then the price goes to $49.00/month. There is no long term contract, and you can stay as long as you like, or if you decide it is not for you, you can cancel at any time. If you enjoy the benefits and the experience and want to hang around for a full year, you can choose to pay for the entire year upfront and get a discount and have the service for one more year for  only $359. The annual subscription works  out to around  $29 a month! That is a savings of approximately $20.00/month!

I’m sure you are wondering what you get for $49.00/month. First off, this is an awesome community to belong to. There are over half a million members! Kyle and Carson, who run this great place, started this community 11 years ago and are still very committed to this community. They interact with every single newbie! Also, thousands of members are very active in helping the new guys on the block to get their businesses up and running. Any time you get stuck or have a question, there are tons of people to help you out. I will also be available to help you along the way. You will not find another place like this anywhere! You also will then have access to ALL OF THE TRAINING  which teaches you to actually get a website set up and running so you can potentially receive residual income from it. There are ten other phases and hundreds of training videos available to answer most any question you may have and to also show you how to set up many parts of your website. By becoming a Premium member, you also get 25 websites on Wealthy Affiliate through a system  called  Siterubix. This allows you to have the capability to set up 25 of your own sites under domains that you control.

Wealthy Affiliate Offers Domain Service

Also, Wealthy Affiliate recently added their own domain service so you can purchase your domains right here, AND Wealthy Affiliate also provides all of the hosting without any extra fees. If you have tried to set up websites before through many of the scam artists, you know that other domain services that sell domains charge different prices for dot com, dot net, dot org, and many others. That can be really confusing. Also, once you purchase the domains, then you have to go somewhere else to purchase the hosting. Again, the cost of hosting can run from $20 a month to several hundred dollars?  What a mess! I know, because I have tried all of this many times in the past and never accomplished anything! I just lost a ton of money. Wealthy Affiliate charges a flat rate of $13.99 for any domain that you purchase. Through Wealthy Affiliate, you can keep your websites, domain names, and hosting all in one place! This makes it so easy when it is time to renew your domain names. What you pay for all of the education you will get here is less than what you could pay just for hosting each month.

In summary, signing up for Wealthy Affiliate will cost you $19.00 the first month, and $49.00/month thereafter, unless you pay for a year. Then your monthly works out to about $29.00/month! What a deal! You will not have to purchase anything else with the exception of domain names. And, you do not have to purchase a domain right away. You can wait as long as you wish. All the scam artists bleed you to death with up sells of domains, hosting, websites, services, lessons that are not included, and on and on. That is not the case with Wealthy Affiliate.

Are you ready to join one of the legitimate online learning communities on the internet? If so, click on the button to the right and get started now!


  1. BetterDays2C
    Hello, nice article betterDay2c. Yeah. Wealthy affiliate boot camp program offers us much training on how to successful in online business according to our hobby and interest. I go through the program since one year ago, I have realized that WA program gives me lots of support and help on how to monetizing our hobby based on particular niche. I love this program. 🙂

    • Thank you for the comments. I appreciate it very much as I am just getting started and am having a hard time. But I refuse to give up. Good luck to you.

  2. Hey there,
    After reading your post I am considering signing up to Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been thinking about trying to start an online business for some time now but have never really known where to start.
    This site seems to offer the training and skills required to get up and running.
    Thanks again for this informative post!

    • I am glad I have almost convinced you to sign up! I hope that is what my site will do for others sitting on the fence. I have only been here for 3 weeks, but I have learned more than I EVER expected, and I have barely started the training. This community has over half a million members, and more signing up everyday. Everyone is so helpful. I am not a techie, and it has been a challenge for me, but with all the help from this AWESOME community, I am stumbling along. If I can do it, I am sure that you can, too! Good luck and take care.

  3. I really liked the way that you explained how Wealthy Affiliate works and how easy it is to become a member. I know when I found this site, I took the free membership and started the free 10 courses. Before I was even done with them I was hooked and had paid the $19 to go premium. I’ve got a couple sites I’m thinking of moving over once they are close to their due dates. It just makes sense. I’m not exactly sure how to do it but I know it’s possible, so I can’t wait to stop wasting my money on hosting sites that do nothing for me.

    • Thank You so much for the response! I hope when others find my site they will feel the same way. I really like helping people, and I hope I can ease the burden of a few. You will be able to do this. I looked at your site, and it looks like you know what you are doing. There is absolutely no reason to pay for hosting when you can get it for free here! And I am sure you know you get 25 sites that you can set up with your own domains. So GO FOR IT, GIRL! Good Luck

  4. I think the fact that they don’t even ask for a credit card number when signing up for the trial offer is a good sign that it is legitimate opportunity. Everyone else wants money up front – and wants to keep adding more and more fees on. I’m glad to hear there is a legitimate organization out there!

    • Thank You for your feedback. I truly appreciate it! I truly believe this is probably the only “legitimate” site on the internet. I have only been at this for 3 weeks, and am really stumbling along. But it seems to be working. I got noticed by Google. I guess that is a good thing! Take Care.

  5. The page I read of yours was very convincing! I found it somewhat difficult to read due to the large paragraphs. Shorter paragraphs are easier for me to read. I think the length of the post is perfect if it were broken up a little bit more. The details in the post are very effective in sharing what WA does without oversharing. It was just enough to make me interested. The only feedback I have would be to break the content down into smaller paragraphs for visual purposes.

    • Thank you for your input. I did go back and break up some of the paragraphs. So thank you for that suggestion! I am glad you found my site convincing. I just hope others do also.Good Luck and Take Care.

  6. I thought you could stay free for a longer period of time without having to upgrade. You just cannot access more training but you do have 2 free sites to work from until you are ready to move up. Did I mis-understand? Thanks in advance.

    • You are absolutely correct! You can stay free as long as you like without upgrading. You have the 2 free sites and your access to more training is limited. You did not mis-understand!

  7. The Wealthy affiliate university affiliate bootcamp is the best way to learn how to make a thriving affiliate marketing business selling anything of your passion earning commissions from home. I host earnrecurringrevenuefromhome .com on WA, I can say that the training is priceless on WA to build a sucessfull affiliate business. Its a shame more people dont know about WA, and the opportunities it brings to the table. Very helpful broken up content written in a way in which everyone can understand. Great review. Cheers!

    • I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you. I totally apologize. Unfortunately, at the end of October we were given notice to move. What a nightmare! We could not find anywhere to move, and it was quite scary! Then after 2 months of moving, I collapsed in a heap very sick. I am just now trying to get back into Wealthy Affiliate. THANK YOU for your revue. I truly appreciate it! Take Care.

  8. From what you’re saying, the Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp sounds like an awesome opportunity to build a business and earn money on the web. 🙂

    The cost of WA seems really cheap compared to the majority of other affiliate boot camp programs I’ve seen. So that’s a real bonus!

    The websites, training, tools, and support, all sounds great because I love the fact that this program really provides you with everything for a successful future, in one single place.


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