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Reluctant to Ask for Help

Many of us are a little reluctant  asking for help, especially if we are a Baby Boomer. We feel like we should have all the answers by the time we reach middle age. People in high positions usually feel like it is beneath them to ask for help.  In my opinion, many servicemen/servicewomen also may feel apprehensive asking for help. After fighting for our country and the freedoms we take for granted, vets may not feel like they need to ask for help. I guess it is the way we are raised. Most of us are raised to be self sufficient, and in many cases, that means NOT asking for help. But here in this community, it is perfectly O.K. to ask for help. Matter of fact, it is expected! The older, experienced members have already been down the path all the newbies are going to take. These experienced members want to make it easier for the rest of us to follow in their footsteps. How lucky are we? We have a community here of thousands of members that are willing to take the time to help, explain and guide the newbies so that they can enjoy the process. And not only that, the older members want ALL OF US to be successful. There is plenty of money to go around. No one has to be greedy. Did you know that there are 3.17 billion people worldwide that have access to the internet, and have the ability to shop online? Doesn’t that number just blow your mind. Just imagine how much money there is being spent even as we speak. With the internet, people can shop from anywhere in the world, any time of the day or night, and 365 days a year. The internet is never closed! Lucky for us.  Internet sales in 2015 totaled 1.4 TRILLION DOLLARS! It is estimated that internet sales will grow by 19% per year.  Just imagine for a minute what a tiny portion of that money would do for you and your family. If all of us could make even $500 a month, wouldn’t that make a difference in your life? It sure would in mine. Of course, I would like to make even more, but I would be happy starting out making more than what I have now. Every little bit helps.

So do not be apprehensive or afraid to ask for help. Do not think “I do not deserve the help.” We all deserve the help, and there are thousands of people willing to help each and every one of us. Wealthy Affiliate is like one very large family. This family actually gets along very well! Once you take a leap of faith, reach out and ASK FOR HELP!! Are you one of those people that hesitates to ask for help? Drop me a line and let me know why you think you hesitate to ask for help…..


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  1. You’re right. I don’t know what it is but us baby boomers have a hard time asking for help. I guess for me at my usual routine if I want something done I just do it. In this case where I’m changing careers I don’t have all the answers so I’m slowly asking for help. Still new to me. And yes I agree wealthy affiliate is like a family. They’re very helpful.

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